Friday, 25 March 2011

Do I need to "cleanse" my face?

Uhm... Yeah! You do!


Your skin naturally produces sebum (oil) which travels through your hair follicles and is secreted on the surface of your skin. This layer of sebum, no matter how much or how little, may trap dirt, bacteria and/or pollution from the environment on your skin. This may lead to congestion in the pores.

Basic structure to illustrate above

Your skin also naturally sheds thousands of skin cells daily. This is called desquamation and it is generally unnoticeable. This may assimilate with the hair follicle, blocking pore and may trap the sebum. This can also lead to congestion in the pores and will result in a lesion.

Natural desquamation process. "exfoliating corneocytes" are the surface cells that shed.

We need to reduce as well as prevent this congestion, and the only way to do that is to emulsify and/or dissolve it by means of a proper cleanser.

Next post, types of cleansers and which one's best for you...

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